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Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Merry Christmas Funny Images

Funny Images Merry Christmas. This is a picture of Santa Claus is very funny, with red and white shirt, long white beard. and body fat, as well as he wears a hat that always made ​​everyone always remember it. Funny Santa Claus picture is very suitable in use for Christmas greeting cards to friends, family, lovers, and people a lot. Santa Claus known as someone who always gives a funny Christmas gift to children, Christmas has arrived when Santa Claus will be busy preparing gifts to share with the people especially the children. Most of the kids really like the picture, and this movie santa claus. You can use this image if Christmas had arrived, to say Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas, and if you like this picture you can immediately take a picture of this funny, for use as a Christmas greeting.

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